VDMS Alumni Association (AA) is an association for graduates who attended a university or professional education institute with a scholarship of the van Deventer-Maas Stichting. Why VDMS Alumni Association The AA aims to extend the bond of the alumni with…


As a preparatory committee of the Alumni Association (AA), during three years. We have done some activities which support the preparation of the independency and autonomy of AA. Alumni Committee (AC) was firstly formed in Surabaya on 5 December 2009.…


Many activities held by Alumni of vDMS from 2010 to 2016. In 2016 we have organized and plan to organize: In 2016 we organized: January RR Banjarmasin : “VDMS Peduli Pendidikan”, Visiting Orphanage and teaching English, and mathematic ( 24th and…

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VDMS Alumni Association (AA) have an alumni database called Membership Administration System (MAS). It is a system which records the data of VDMS alumni all over the world.

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About Us

About Us

This special group can be active in passing on a creative spirit, with a sense of social responsibility and with an urge  to pass on their  skills and knowledge to their fellow alumni and to the VDMS student, as a… ...

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Alumni Testimonial

I am still grateful for the Foundation’s beneficence more than 50 years ago

S. M. P. Tjondronegoro student at the University of Amsterdam, 1955. In 1961 the VDMS provided him with a scholarship enabling him to com- plete his studies in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

What’s most important is not that VDMS has existed for 100 years, but that it should continue for the next 100 years or even longer!

Arie Anggodo Kakiailatu Jakarta, 1957 Technical universty Delft 1981 – 1982

I hope that priority will be given to students in their final year to enhance their soft skills

Milla Sejahtera Dili, 1989 nusa Cendana university, Kupang 2008 – 2011