VDMS Alumni Association (AA) have an alumni database called Membership Administration System (MAS). It is a system which records the data of VDMS alumni all over the world. Why we need your data in MAS?

  • Your data will be useful for the administrator to know where you are now.
  • Your data will help the administrator to contact and invite you to any alumni activities.

What data are in the system?

  • Your basic data, such as name, birth date, domicile.
  • Your recent data, such as where you are working/living now, email address, phone number.
  • Your remarks which will be useful for the administrator to know what you need or what you can give to the AA.

How to register?

  • go to vdmsdata.org/mas/
  • There will be three steps you need to follow. Check your email regularly, including your spam/junk.

What if I am already registered? 

What should I do if I forget the username and password?

  • Send email to deventer.al@cbn.net.id (write also your full name, therefore the administrator know who you are)
  • The administrator will send the username and password to your email.


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