RR Yogyakarta – Reported by Casmira de Araujo

RR Yogyakarta has held a meeting in Coastal Gua Cemara and Dusun Baros at 19th December 2015. The meeting was attended by 2 alumni and 4 grantees, 9 people in Coastal Gua Cemara, 5 people Keluarga Pemuda Pemudi Baros (KP2B) in Dusun Baros and 1 volunteer from Relawan Banyu as coordinator.

RR Yogya

During the meeting in Coastal Gua Cemara, we met with Managers of Turtle conservation, vice chairman Sadar Wisata, and volunteers. The objective of this cooperation is to make Coastal Gua Cemara a tourism spot. Unfortunately, they are currently facing three major issues:

  1. Managing organic and non-organic waste
  2. Improving the quality and quantity of human resources to deal with the economic challenges
  3. Maintaining the good environment and other factors for turtle eggs to be hatched and avoid any miscarriages

During the meeting in Dusun Baros we met KP2B, volunteers who have a deep concern for the ecosystem of mangrove in that region. Since Dusun Baros is located in a coastal area, which focuses on agriculture, they aim to save the agriculture area from abrasion.

The meetings were conducted as a survey, a part of the pre-activity program before establishing other social activities, which will be coordinated with the community. RR Yogyakarta expects to realize it in the near future.


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