Reported by Annisa Taqwa Zazi Muslim, alumna from Hang Tuah University (Surabaya)


RR East Java-Bali has done their again in June. This activity became one of the mandatory agenda that is always done every holy month of Ramadan. If the previous year, social work was held in one orphanage Malang – East Java, this month focus on sharing basic needs to the elderly, widows, paupers and HIV positive families in Surabaya.


This social event was held on 3 and 4 June 2018 with the team in charge, namely July and Vinni as grantees of Hang Tuah University, Retno as alumni of Airlangga University, Made as alumni of Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember, and Annisa as Alumni of Hang Tuah University. Gifts of basic needs are prepared a day before the activity takes place. Some alumni also contributed by donating to this event. The distribution is done directly in each receiving house.


The activity went well enough, although it must be done for two days due to the distance of the houses of several recipients. The team has worked together to distribute the donations. The compassion was not stopped when seeing the physical condition and the house of the recipients of basic foods. Five recipients are widows who must remain struggling in the midst of their elderly physical condition, 4 recipients are PLWHA (HIV positive people) and ADHA (HIV positive children) and 1 pauper family. Hopefully this little activity can help to ease their burdens in life.


In addition to an annual agenda in every Ramadan, this activity aimed to foster a sense of care of VDMI’s family in East Java-Bali to the community in need. It also as a thanksgiving for every favors from God because RR East Java-Bali is still given the opportunity to run social activities almost every month, as well as a platform to strengthen brotherhood among fellow family members of RR East Java-Bali.


Hopefully in the next Ramadan, RR East Java-Bali can create many activities with better packaging and can expand the reach of beneficiaries. One thing that we are grateful for is eventhough the grantees and alumni are come from different religious backgrounds but the strength the RR East Java-Bali to share in the holy month is getting stronger and stronger because we believe that the differences in religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds do not stop us from always helping each other.

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