Reported by Yurike Adolvina Kiubana, grantee Artha Wacana Christian University (Kupang)


Sunday 2 June 2024, Regional Representative (RR) Kupang carried out activities around the Oesapa Reading Book Shelter with ten children. Yurike (grantee Artha Wacana Christian University) and Iche (grantee Nusa Cendana University) and the children played together with the topic “Introducing Yourself”. After that, the activity was carried out by looking for shells on the beach (this is the children’s habit in the afternoon). After collecting the shellfish, they grill the shellfish and eat together. This activity aims to give children the courage to express themselves by introducing themselves and increasing togetherness.

Children look for shells and grill together ( 2 June 2024 )

Sunday 16 June 2024, RR Kupang held literacy and numeracy activities in English. The activity was very exciting with enthusiastic children with Safira, Yustin and Anjela (Widya Mandira Catholic University grantees), Sindersiana (Nusa Cendana University grantee) and Yurike (Artha Wacana Christian University grantee). The following week (23 June 2024), coloring activities were carried out with Herlinda (Alumni), Yustin and Yurike. Not too many children attended because there was mourning and competition in the church. Even though it’s a little, it doesn’t reduce the enjoyment of the Oesapa Reading Book Shelter children in coloring pictures of animals, houses and fruit.

Children learn numeracy in English ( 16 June 2024 )

It is hoped that the activities carried out every week will provide opportunities for the children of Oesapa Reading Book Shelter to be creative and express themselves. Waiting for the presence of VDMI Family Kupang at the next activity.

Results of coloring by children in Oesapa Reading Shelter (23 June 2024)

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