Reported by Mila Ardianis (Grantee from Padang State University)


Starting from 2021, VDMI RR Padang initiates a charity program called ‘VDMI RR Padang Goceng’. RR Padang collects money, used clothes and books, etc. The program intends to bridge between those who want to share or donate with the needed. For more information about the program or how to donate, the VDMI family in Padang can contact the coordinators of the program in their respective universities. There are Fadel from Padang State University (0823-9130-3783), Rivandra from Andalas University (0895-3608-03637), and Riri from Bung Hatta University (0812-1294-8972). Outside Padang contributors can contact Mila (0895-4215-58750).

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