Reported by Annisa Taqwa Zazi Muslim, VDMS Alumna from Hang Tuah University (UHT), Surabaya

Friday, August 11th, 2017, the Alumni and Grantees of VDMS RR Surabaya visited TK/ RA Qurrota A’yun which is located at Gang 24 No 19. This activity aimed to share the joy with them. 22 students were accompanied by two teachers namely Ustadzah Ika and Ustadzah Ifa. Novy, Oky, Made, and Annisa were the representatives of VDMS RR Surabaya.

We greeted them with a welcome song upon their arrival at the site. They seemed enthusiastic and cheerful. This activity began with the introduction of each of us and all of them there. Our closeness with the younger brothers was increasingly warm. Their smiles and passion made us enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge of “cleanliness”.

In this activity there were some things that we share such as:

  • Providing the information on how to wash the hands properly.

We began it by telling the story of “nasty gang” who often nest in the hands.

  • Providing a simulation of how to wash hands properly.

We handed out the hand sanitizer (because of the location that was not possible to wash hands with water together) as a substitute for soap. Students followed carefully to what we said. They poured a little hand sanitizer, put in the palm of the hand and cleaned the hands starting from the fingers, palms, back of hands and wrists.

  • Frequently asked questions about how to wash your hands properly

We asked them to mention the reason to wash their hands with water and soap, what would happen if they do not wash their hands, and when is the right time to wash their hands. Basically, they were very active in answering the questions given. One of the students came forward and gave examples to other friends how to wash hands.

We also shared about throwing garbage in its place by singing together, after which they told each other about the importance of taking out the garbage and the impact it caused if it did not throw garbage in its place. Before the activity ended, we distributed milk and food to them, and enjoyed the food together. Then, they took turns throwing garbage in the trash that has been provided and remind each other.

Indeed, this was not just about sharing and giving, but also accepting and getting. Accepting new spirit from them to keep fighting amid the limitations and get the importance of hope, gratitude, love and togetherness.

Keep Learning, Sharing, Encouraging.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 67| IX | 2017

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