Reported by Wilfridus Hapu Ndamayilu, grantee Wira Wacana Christian University (Sumba)


Thursday 6 June 2024, Wilfridus and Aldino (grantees Wira Wacana Christian University) together with Padadita Reading Book Shelter tutors carried out activities with the children. The activity began by dividing the children into three groups. The first group consisted of children under five, the second group consisted of children in grades 1 to 3 of elementary school, and the third group consisted of students in grades 4 of elementary school to grade 9 of junior high school.

Before dividing into groups, the children sing together.

The first group studied the alphabet, the second group read story books and retells them, and the third group studied the Bible and had discussions. Apart from that, the activities were also interspersed with singing together, introducing ourselves and learning good manners. All activities provide opportunities for children to increase their self-confidence.

One of the children is enjoying reading a book

Currently, there are still many tutors needed to carry out activities at the Padadita Reading Book Shelter and other reading book shelters in Sumba. We hope that VDMI Family Sumba can spend time every Thursday sharing with the children.

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