RR Jabodetabek-West Java

            In 2016, we haven’t done any particular projects. We just held “Halal Bihalal” (Social Group Gathering). Unfortunately, the participant attended the gathering were only Milla, Ikhsan, Ian, and Nisa. I don’t have ideas about others. They might have things to be prioritized. Once, Ikhsan and I, had initiated to teaching project at “Terminal Bogor” (Bogor Terminal) regularly. However, we haven’t done it yet. We are expecting to realize the implementation of the project in 2017.

RR Semarang

            During the period of 2016, RR Semarang has conducted some of activities with alumni, grantees, and local people. The first project was implemented on 10 January 2016, with the theme: “Berbagi Semangat Baru” (Sharing and Caring Gathering), got along with some activists of Satoe Atap. Due to the number of enthusiasts and another target area of Satoe Atap, the next project held on 10 April 2016. It became the second part of ”Berbagi Semangat Baru”. The project of “Berbagi Semangat Baru” is helping the people through donating school equipments and clothes to children of Satoe Atap. The next activity was on 22 June 2016, “Buka Bersama VDMS Semarang” located at Kelud Raya Sampangan Semarang discussed Halal-Bihalal agenda. The last activity was on 12 August 2016, Halal-Bihalal, held at Alun-Alun Simpang V Semarang. In 2016, RR Semarang has carried out four main projects. We expect by 2017, we will make more events and projects, even though we haven’t planned any projects for 2017.

RR Yogyakarta

            It is the momentum of RR Yogyakarta in 2016. We don’t do many projects during this year. We intended to do two main projects, yet, only one program is successful. We are unfortunate about it. Although we don’t two main projects, we are proud of the success of the remaining program. It is Teaching Program at Pondok Asih Harapan. We can attract the participation of grantees and alumni. There are 10 people involved in the project. Even, until now, the project is still sustainable. In 2017, we will stick to the project and continue it until grade promotion.

Program Mengajar - RR Yogyakarta

Program Mengajar – RR Yogyakarta

RR East Java

            High activities, lack of sense of belonging, passive attitude of the next generations are the causes that led to problems and required to be evaluated of VDMS East Java. In the future, we will re-nurture the passion and spirit of each member through revitalization, communication strengthening, connection expansion, sense of belonging awareness, along with development progressive of VDMS East Java who embodies the spirit of serving, caring, and doing for the society and country. Love VDMS East Java. Keep Learn, Share, and Encourage

RR Manado

In 2016, RR Manado has not done any particular projects, but they already initiated to do their project called “Sentuh Sekolah” (Outreach School) through donations, such as book donations to students who are in need. The school was chosen, but the project had not been implemented yet due to the lack of participation of VDMS grantees.

They still plan to do the same project next year; realizing the implementation of “Sentuh Sekolah”. The preparations have been formed. They are:

            a. Collecting one package of books, three pens, and a pen-eraser.

            b. Requesting spund-bond bags for souvenirs

            c. Creating itinerary for the activity

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