Reported by Siti Masdiah (Alumna from Lambung Mangkurat University)


The flood struck the area of South Kalimantan drawing houses and killed many people. RR Banjarmasin held the charity program for the victim from January 19 to 26. After promoting the program through social media, Rp 2.255.000 donation was collected. The donation was used to buy groceries, diapers, medicine, etc. On January 27, RR Banjarmasin distributes the donation to the victim in Desa Pemakuan Laut, Kecamatan Sungai Tabuk, Kota Banjarmasin. To reach the victim, RR Banjarmasin took a small boat for 10 to 15 minutes. The donation was distributed directly to the affected houses. RR Banjarmasin thank the donors and pray for the flood to recede soon.

RR Banjarmasin distributes the donation with “Sampan”

RR Banjarmasin with one of the victim

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