Reported by Muslimah, alumna from Lambung Mangkurat University

On Saturday 20/03/2021 at 10:00 WITA, VDMI RR Banjarmasin, Lambung Mangkurat University (Unlam), and Private Aja Course held an online workshop via Zoom to teach people the participants how to utilize the Quizizz application for learning. Facilitated by Rizky Amelia M.Pd (VDMI alumna), Dr. Cayandrawati Sutiono M.A (Faculty from Unlam), Eka Puteri Elyani M.Pd (Faculty from Unlam), Yusuf Al Arief M.Hum (Faculty from Unlam), and Aqsa Hatta Sukur (student from Unlam).

How to Use Quizizz

Throughout the workshop, participants were trained to make a Quizizz account and practice using it. Each participant actively interacted and answered the questions on the Quizizz. The facilitators carefully answered all of the questions from the participants. At the end of the workshop, the participants received e-certificates that equal three hours of training (3 JP).

Session of Workshop

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