By Devianti Tajuddin and Andi Faradilla (Grantees from Hasanuddin University)


Sunday, September 13th, RR Makassar held social activities at Assyfa Orphanage on Jalan Tamangapa, Manggala, Makassar, South Sulawesi. There were two activities, a’lamung ganggang (farming veggies) as well as English and public speaking class. They shared strategies to organically grow veggies and the benefit of eating organic veggies. Together with the orphans, RR Makassar members practice farming in a land owned by the orphanage accompanied by the Assyfa orphanage owner. “We hope that, in the future, the farm can support in meeting the orphans’ daily meal,” said Fara, RR Makassar member.

Making a fence for vegetable planting land

Fertilizer as a planting medium

Next, RR Makassar members informed the orphans about the opening of the English and public speaking classes. The classes will start next week. RR Makassar members hope that the program can help the orphans who are currently studying in elementary to senior high school to improve their English as well as their public speaking skills. The RR Makassar programs enthusiastically received by the residents of the orphanage. This initial meeting served as an introduction of the classes as well as a time for the RR Makassar members and the orphanage residents to know each other more. One by one the students introduced themselves and stated their goals. Hopefully, the program can continue to inspire not only the orphanage residents but also the RR Makassar members.

Socialization of English and Public Speaking Classes in Assyfa Orphanage

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