Reported by Lidya Fitri Ramadhani B (Alumna from Hasanuddin University)


RR Makassar received IDR 7,716,500 donations from the VDMI family to support their programs at the children social welfare institution (LKSA) Assyifa in Kajang village, Antang, Makassar. Thursday (24/12/2020), the first phase of the donation distribution was held. The initial distribution was in the form of school supplies aligned with the education programs held by RR Makassar at the LKSA. RR Makassar thanked the VDMI family for supporting their social programs at LKSA Assyifa.


RR Makassar continues to run its programs which are English class and sustainable farming (A’lamu Ganggang) at the LKSA Assyifa. Unfortunately, last year, the crop failed due to floods. However, this year, RR Makassar will replant veggies because the source of healthy food is highly needed by the orphans live at LKSA Assyifa. Meanwhile, RR Makassar keeps conducting the English class every week. RR Makassar will utilize the donation from the VDMI family to develop their programs at LKSA Assifa.

LKSA Assyifa’s children received social project donations

RR Makassar with children and the board of LKSA Assyifa

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