Reported by Nopri Sinaga, grantee from Medan State University


On May 1, Regional Representative (RR) Medan had Ramadhan iftar together. By keep adhering to health protocol, the event started at 17:00 WIB in one of the restaurants in Medan. A total of twelve grantees and alumni attended the event. Rizki Setiawan, a grantee from Medan State University gave the opening speech followed by each participant introduced his/herself. After iftar, Matta Simamora and Hodflegon Sianturi, alumni from Sumatera Utara University, shared their experiences as VDMI grantees such as when they were invited to the Citizenship Workshop and when they participated in RR Medan activities. Both hope that RR Medan can be more solid and revive their activities. At the end of the event, the participants took pictures together and they received hand sanitizers and VDMI key chains from RR Medan. Hopefully, after this gathering event, VDMI RR Medan commits to conduct social activities together

Alumni and Grantee RR Medan

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