Reported by Suriandi, VDMS Grantee from University of North Sumatra (USU), Medan

Saturday on 19th November 2016, RR Alumni and grantees VDMS Medan was doing a writing project as a regular activity. The place that had been chosen was Taman Biro Rector of University of Sumatera Utara (USU). In that agenda, we rose up the motivation in writing skills of all of VDMS grantees and alumni.

We learned and shared how to make great written texts like an essay, world issues report, article, analyst of a data, and any other. In the meet up, we made an agreement that each member has to bring a text or letter in the original form. Then, it would be corrected together. That first meet up had successfully improved how to make a great written essay. We also learned to make a true plot and scheme, taken from only one main point of a paragraph, and shared together step by step to write an essay. It was great.

As the continuation, we chose one of the members to make a blog and be the operator of the blog. This activity gave many benefits for us. When we came around different styles in writing, the process of sharing and feedback for correcting a letter ran well. The disappointing thing was there were only three members (Dewi, Andy, and Saiful) who could come. Yet, we shared enthusiasm. We decided to begin this first moment because we considered the beginning is important for us. We do hope that we have more participants next meeting and this program can be sustainable.

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