Reported by Siti Rahmatia Ntou, grantee from Gorontalo State University (Gorontalo)


On Desember 16, 2018, VDMI Gorontalo held a social service in one of orphanage in Gorontalo named Panti Asuhan Harapan Kita. The aim of this event is to commemorate the Anti Corruption day. The event has started at 09.30 WITA and it started with the opening ceremony, then continued with the recitation of holy Koran by one of VDMI Gorontalo’s grantees. Then, Taufik as the alumni of VDMI gave his opening statement to open the event. Moreover, the representative of orphanage also gave her welcoming statement to all of the VDMI Gorontalo’s family.


After that, the grantees and the children watched one of short movie with the title of ‘Jujur Itu Keren (Be Honest is Cool)”. The purpose of showing off this movie is because the grantees want to educate and give better understanding to the children about the importance of being honest yet in the form of something fun and more interesting. Then, the session continued by asking their opinion about the movie. One of the children bravely raised up her hand and answering the question. She said that the movie told her about it is better to say about the truth rather than saying lie because lying is not good. Maybe we, as the human, can’t see other lies but remember the GOD will always watching us.


Futhermore, the session moved to the games sessions. The games were consisted of three posts. The first post is arranging jumbled words, the second is arranging puzzle, and the third is looking for treasure. All of the games is not only games but all of them is implicitly teach the children about being honest and other moral values. Then, the children was divided into 6 groups. Each groups will compete in every post and have 10 minutes in every post.


After having a crowd and tight competition between each groups, group 5 became the winner in every posts, then group 6 became the second, and group 4 and 3 became the third. Moreover, group 1 got the predicate as the most cheerfull group during the competition and group 2 became the most favourite group based on the grantees evaluation.


Then, the children sticked their hope in the tree of hopes. The event ended with the photo session. The grantees hope that the kind of activity will be sustainable and can be held again in the future.

Giving greetings and introduction among VDMI Gorontalo grantees,
participants and foundation management in Harapan Kita Orphanage


Opening Ceremony


Socialization about Corruption


Giving a school stationery including pens and books to every participants


All the Participants


A2A Vol 83 | XII | 2018

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