Reported by Susanly Handoko (Grantee from Gorontalo State University)


January 25, VDMI alumni dan grantees in Gorontalo held a social project to celebrate the 61st National Nutrition Day 2021. The project aimed to improve people’s awareness of the importance of eating nutritious food. Together with the Run for Charity Movement, a social movement supported by, VDMI Gorontalo distribute food as well as socializes the National Nutrition Day. The distribution of food was done at several points along Jalan Panjaitan, Gorontalo City. A total of 160 food packages were distributed to motorized pedicab (bentor) drivers, parking attendants, beggars, and street singers. Also, food distribution was distributed to volunteers at the North Sulawesi Disaster Response Volunteer Post at the State University of Gorontalo.

VDMI Gorontalo distributes food in 61st National Nutrition Day 2021

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