This special group can be active in passing on a creative spirit, with a sense of social responsibility and with an urge  to pass on their  skills and knowledge to their fellow alumni and to the VDMS student, as a tutor (for these students)


Logo AA of vDMS

Logo AA of vDMS

The figure of circular fishes symbolizes the bond of vDMS Alumni who work together for the goals of Alumni Association. Eventually the triangle shadow inside the fishes represents AA. The logo was designed originally by Satriadi Wibowo, alumnus from Satya Wacana University. He is the winner of Logo Competition.

Our motto is Learn, Share, and Encourage. This motto represents the mission of AA. AA presents to be a place for alumnus to learn, to share, and to encourage each other for the betterment of society and surely for themselves. Thus the goals of AA could be achieved.

Valuable Networks
The purposes of an Alumni Association are

  • To facilitate the building of networks.
    The members can keep in touch and support each other, to stay in contact with educational institutions and follow their progress e.g. potential future employment or referral.
  • To provide a platform for continued learning and special courses.
    It will organize part of the financial support for such courses and encourage alumni to act as trainers and coaches for students in their own field of expertise.

Inspiring Activities
The activities that we foresee for the Alumni are amongst others:regional alumni meetings, perhaps even an annual alumni meeting (if alumni are willing to pay their own travel expenses), workshop to enhance knowledge and skills, such as How to Start a Business (SAB) and Train the Trainers, E-Learning activities, English Courses and Leadership Courses.

Decentralized Operations
It is the intention that the organization will operate through one (central) Alumni Board (AB) and several regional branches, managed by Regional Alumni Officers (RAO’s).

In order to fill these positions, VDMS needs enthusiastic, talented, and ambitious graduates who have been actively engaged in extracurricular activities as a student, and who are willing to organize events in their regions with support from our office in Yogyakarta.

These are the qualifications considered necessary to occupy a function on the AB or in the regional branches. These active VDMS graduates may be asked to become a member of a central organizing committee, which will eventually constitute the Alumni Board.

The first year there will be no application procedure for a position on the board or as local regional coordinator, because in this initial stage, it is considered prudent that VDMS itself choose candidates from among the recently graduated alumni and the alumni they know from Leadership and other courses organized by VDMS.

Membership of the VDMS Alumni Association might even be more worthwhile in the future because of certain additional membership benefits which will be developed.