As a preparatory committee of the Alumni Association (AA), during three years. We have done some activities which support the preparation of the independency and autonomy of AA.

Alumni Committee (AC) was firstly formed in Surabaya on 5 December 2009. The members are:

  • Chairman : Jandy E. Luik
  • Secretary¬† : Yesia Chandra Dewi
  • Treasurer : R. Hari Prasetyo
  • Members : Maya Basoeki, Difa Stefani, Lukman Hakim, and Andrian F. Tarigan

Pictures of AC 1
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Officially AC 1 started the activities in 2010. In 2010 AC 1 worked together with vDMS by executing the capacity building programs and focused more on the building and sounding the existence of AA and AC to the candidate alumni. In 2011, AC 1 tried online and offline approach. More, please see Activities

The AC was restructured on April 2012. The new structure is:

  • Chairman : Firman Laia
  • Taskforce : Nurul Ichsani, Jessica Permatasari, and Pungky Andriyani
  • Treasurer : Mujiman
  • Members :¬† Dedi Sanjaya, Harsono Hadi, Sistania Amandari, Tersiana Bawengan, Bedwina Andani, and Talita Qumi Pattiwael.

Officially AC 2 started the activities in 2012 and finished in 2013. The goals of AC 2 are establishing AA, getting at least 500 alumni, and creating membership card. AC 2 worked together with Alumni Officer and Regional Representative. More, please see Activities