VDMS Alumni Association (AA) is an association for graduates who attended a university or professional education institute with a scholarship of the van Deventer-Maas Stichting.

Why VDMS Alumni Association
The AA aims to extend the bond of the alumni with vDMS and each other to improve their professional skills and knowledge through AA programs. Alumni can:

  • Support their Alma Mater and at the same time, support current students.
  • Give back to the Indonesian society as a whole and to the university community in particular, their value, skill, and experience.

Our Motto
Learn, Share, and Encourage

How to Join
Please register yourself to http://vdmsdata.org/mas

How to Login
Go to http://vdmsdata.org/mas/members

If You Lost your Password
Send an email to deventer.al@cbn.net.id

Your updated data will help VDMS Office to contact you whenever we have alumni events.