Reported by Hermina Manlea, VDMS Alumna from Nusa Cendana University  (UNDANA), Kupang

VDMS Grantees UNIMOR hold an event green action campus done to the area of University of Timor. The event was doing in December 23rd 2016 at 15.00 WITA until finish. How sad to hear, who member to attend to this activity only 6 person, they are 4 grantees of VDMS (Arkilaus Nesi, Natalia Mesakh, Dominika Bay and Ronald Hane) and 2 people come from students of UNIMOR.

Digging a hole with a depth of 15 cm before planting

Digging a hole with a depth of 15 cm before planting

Do actions to keep environment of preservation, reduce dryness, built a spirit fell to do awareness for nature, and also to improve cooperation in creating a green environment are aims. To this activity we had kind planting three type of tree:

  1. Mahoni 50 of rods,
  2. Jati Manila 5 of rods,
  3. Beringin 5 of rods.
Ronald Hane is planting

Arkilaus is planting Mahoni

The terms for participants, we has coordinated while any participants could brought trees came from they are home to donation. They are planting each tree digging a hole with a depth of 15 cm for the purpose follow the standard of a safety and tree should long live and got to rise up. We are hope while we do some activity similar all of grantee can join to event. We aware if we life no enough without nature indeed, so do action when you feel it.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 60| II | 2017

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