Repoted by Serlinia Rambu Anawoli, VDMS Alumna from Artha Wacana Christian University (UKAW), Kupang

Friday, on 23rd June 2017 VDMS RR Kupang There were 9 participants: 6 grantees and 3 alumni to join meet up agenda of at Oesapa Beach. We have two agendas on this meeting: evaluation of VDMS Smart Session 1 and plan for the next event. Every coordinator of skills has reported their comments towards the VDMS Smart session 1 at GMIT Oeba Orphanage.

Freed Taopan representative of information and technologies (IT learning) say all children very enjoy the learning and almost of them joint the IT learning and make us cannot organize them well. Mona Freitas as the coordinator of science neither do to say while all of them very interested for the fun learning of science, some of them think that learn math is difficult but while learning through some games makes them enjoy learning math and also for physics, chemistry, and biology. Coordinator of Music learning, Tewa Kleofas was report if instead of at the first meeting just four children joint but at the second meeting many of them come and joint, some of them want to learn music but some of them want to sing. Serlinia Rambu Anawoli as representative of English reported that ‘all children that joint with fun learning English very active in group, they were very enjoy and happy in learning English, they played all the games and sang all the English songs very well. Lastly but not to least Rosario Biabi and Marselia Reda also get well reported that they were very blessed can share with children at Orphanage and also they learnt many things form the children.

All Participants Meet Up

All Participants Meet Up

Indeed VDMS Smart for first session is very useful and had a lot of advantages for orphanage children and for VDMS grantees and alumna indeed. So they had agreed that VDMS Smart should be continued at different places or orphanages. And then we listed about some orphanage near Kupang and would be contacted as the place for the next activities. We planned on week 4 of July would be the first meeting of VDMS Smart for second session. Always share, learn and encourage.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 65| VII | 2017

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