Central Java – Jogjakarta. Regional Representative held a seminar on Saturday, December 3rd 2011. Fourteen alumni and three Alumni Committee members attended the seminar in Wisma Magister Manajemen UGM, Jogjakarta. Edwin Kisman (VDMS Director), Onno de Fouw and Don Urich (VDMS Board) also joined the seminar and had a question- answer session about VDMS and Alumni Association with the participants.

Harsono Hadi, a VDMS grantee alumnus from UNS, delivered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) enthusiastically. NLP is one of a model of interpersonal communication and an alternative approach of psychotherapy which is based on subjective study about language, communication, and personal change. It covers the brain mechanism and several ways of interaction between human and environment, and human and human. It is a useful soft skill to be applied in personal and professional life.

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