Van Deventer-Maas Stichting’s objective is to promote the moral, intellectual, spiritual and material interests of the indigenous population of Indonesia and to empower young people to become ‘mandiri’, or in other words ‘to give them a fishing rod and to teach them how to fish’ like a symbol of VDMS.

One of the main programs is giving the scholarship to many students around in Indonesia. These students that have graduated as its grantee joined the professional Alumni Association established in 2009 namely Alumni Association of Van Deventer-Maas Stichting. The purpose of an Alumni Association is amongst others to facilitate the building of networks through which the members can keep in touch and support each other, to stay in contact with the educational institutions and also to follow their progress for e.g. potential future employment or referral. It is also in a way, a platform for continued learning and special courses. It will organize part of the financial support for such courses and it will encourage alumni to act as trainers and coaches for students in their own field if expertise. The reason why the Van Deventer-Maas Stichting launched an Alumni Association for graduates was the desire to extend the bond the alumni have formed with VDMS and vice versa. Moreover, it is considered be honorable to function in the Association, because the alumnus gives something back to the Indonesian society as a whole and to the university community in particular. Thus, this special group can be active in passing on a creative spirit, with a sense of social responsibility and with an urge to pass on their skills and knowledge to their fellow alumni and to the VDMS students, as a tutor (for these students).

To gain the goal of this association, every region in Indonesia has been developed by creating member of Regional Representative (RR) that collect and implement many programs that has same vision,” Learn, Share and Encourage”. One of them is RR of Bandung-Jabodetabek. This RR has been established since 29th September 2012 at Alumni Regional Meeting in Padjadjaran University. RR

of Bandung-Jabodetabek have many programs to be implemented one of which is Workshop about motivation on career and future. The program will be implemented in early 2013.

Theme of Workshop is “Our Way to Get a Success Future”. This theme is chosen based on data from the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) of 4.1 unemployed, or about half as much as two million unemployed are graduates of diploma and bachelor.

The diploma and bachelor can not only wait or passive in dealing with their status as unemployed. In addition to develop the opportunities in business / entrepreneurship, job fair opportunities (career day) for those who wish to develop skills and work temporarily in the company, it needs to actively take advantage of the opportunity. Creativity and Motivation of the graduates of diploma and bachelor is very important to pick up the ball to the challenges of the company is constantly developing its business. Their will are powered by ideas and creativity will be a strong motivation for college graduate to achieve a success.

The program is organized as motivated by a lot of college students are confused with what career would they follow after graduation and what they needs to be prepared from now. Therefore, with the motivation and the description given of the speakers.


  1. To introduce the VDMS Foundation and Alumni Association to the Scholars of VDMS and alumni.
  2. To introduce the RR-Bandung Jabodetabek and Alumni Association of VDMS to the Scholars of VDMS
  3. To be the means of alumni to participate and contribute for their education
  4. To grow a better relationship among the alumni especially alumni West Java- Jabodetabek with the Scholars.
  5. Motivating the Scholars (Student) to optimize their potential for get Success Future by give them picture’s of the future from Alumni.


This program has a theme “ Our Way to Get a Success Future”.

This program concern is to share experience of alumni VDMS to the grantee in the last year of their study in Campus. We hope sharing can be additional skill for grantee, and help them to choose their passion in their future career.


This program was held in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) on 23rd February 2013 starting from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm.

Harsono Hadi, the speaker, alumnus of VDMS, presented the seminar

Harsono Hadi, the speaker, alumnus of VDMS, presented the seminar

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