Reported by Risky Amelia, VDMS Alumna from Lambung Mangkurat University (UNLAM), Banjarmasin

RR Banjarmasin might be known as the RR who had held some teaching activities at the orphanages or around the open space independently. We were accustomed to it since 2014. It’s been years with our ups and downs from teaching elementary to university students. This month’s teaching is very different. We have got a link! On March 2017, one of the Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) FKIP UNLAM joined our TOEFL Training. She, then, offered to hold similar activity in the university so that the event is more organized. It was April 2017 that we discussed the plan. Finally, agreement was made.

The training session

The training session

BEM FKIP UNLAM prepared the things related to the selection process and publication. Meanwhile, the time line, lesson plan, and materials made up by alumni and grantees of VDMS RR Banjarmasin. The registration was from 25th July – 1st August 2017 with the following requirement:

  1. A student of Lambung Mangkurat University.
  2. At least on the third semester.
  3. Has taken MKDU English course and got maximum C+.
  4. Has a commitment to follow the activity from the beginning to the end.
All Parcticipants

All Parcticipants

BEM reported that there were 68 students from various study programs at FKIP ULM who registered, yet 28 students only were selected. These participants will go through six meetings on this TOEFL training. The first TOEFL training was on August 5. 2017. The activity could be seen on the following pictures. In the end, we are glad for this collaboration. It is more organized, delivers more impact, and becomes a means of VDMS socialization widely.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 66| VIII | 2017

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