By Mey Daiman (Grantee from Nusa Cendana University)

On Monday, August 17th, 2020, Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa collaborated with Sotis Hotel Kupang held an event with the title Semangat Nasionalisme Melalui Kampanye Less Plastic Sejak Dini. Dutalia, Yakult, and Kalbe Farma also sponsored the event. Both Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa and Sotis Care Kupang have a similar mission that is educating the young generations to care about their environment. Moreover, Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa is located on the coast. Trashes that end up in the ocean often swept by the waves to the shore. As a result, plastics that cannot be decomposed pile up on the beach. Besides polluting the environment, plastics also kill the animals.

The children of Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa with the Sotis Hotel Team also cleaned the shores along the Oesapa Beach and held the flag ceremony. Finally, they conducted several competitions such as eating crackers, put a pencil into a bottle, and bite the spoon with a marble on it. The children looked enthusiastic during the whole event. At the end of the event, Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa received donations in the form of stationaries, books, crayons, and toys. Hopefully, the event can motivate the children to keep learning regardless of the pandemic situation. Indeed, the event was held following the health protocol of Covid-19. All the participants wore face masks and maintained social distancing.

Competition in Less Plastic Campaign

The Winner in Less Plastic Campaign

All Participants in Less Plastic Campaign

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