Reported by Arbaina Syahdinur, grantee from Hasanudin University (Makassar)

Inspired by a quote: “If you want to know the world, read. If you want to be known by the world, write”, RR Makassar conducted essay writing training on Saturday, November 11, 2019. After the committee of RR Makassar 2019/2020 was formed, there are several programs offered by its divisions such as the one offered by interest and talent division. Nirwan, the coordinator of the interest and talent division, suggested the writing program with theme: “Essay is Easy”. The event was located at the IPTEK building of Hasanudin University. The trainer was an outstanding student from the agriculture department of Hasanudin University, Andi Junila Aulia. The event was attended by 14 participants consisted of VDMI alumni and grantees.

This program aimed to train the participants to express their insights, ideas, or arguments into academic or non-academic writing. It is expected that the participants could offer solutions for problems through writing. Nirwan highlighted, “In the future, we hope there will be more writing encouragement like this. So, students can start to love writing and improve their writing skills. I hope this training will be followed up with the writing action plan.”

All participant in Essay is Easy

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