Reported by Suriandi, VDMS grantee from North Sumatera University (USU), Medan

25th of March 2017, Grantees and Alumni of RR Medan do continuous Teaching to Inspiring program in Mamiyai Orphanage. This activity hold on 2 pm until finished every Saturday. The activity had run in 18th and 25th March 2017 and should do in one a week. We already being concern in two subjects only, those are math and English. In other side, we also provide motivation to the children while watching motivational videos.

During the past three meeting, there alumna and Grantee who teach are:

  1. Dessy Monica presented Mathematics (USU)
  2. Suriandi presented English (USU)
  3. May Nelsa presented English (USU)
  4. Nur Aisyah presented Mathematics (USU)
Suriandi presented English

Suriandi presented English

All children are also very enthusiastic and active during the learning process. How awesome they talked by mistake any words a while, but no surrender coming up. They are not afraid to ask even confused landed on mind of them, so the learning environment feels more alive. And for the next session the other alumni and grantees RR Medan will also participate.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 62| IV | 2017

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