Reported by May Nelsa Putri Ritonga, VDMS Grantee from North Sumatera University (USU), Medan

July 2017, RR Medan continues to teach children in Mamiyai Orphanage like usual after Eid Mubarak. We has stopped this program for a month because the children still in their school holiday. On Saturday, 29th July 2017 is a first meeting. All children shared their story during holiday. They told us about their activities in their home, and express how happy they are when they could meet their family again. After that, we continued our English lesson and review the past topic.

The children were very enthusiastic during learning process

The children were very enthusiastic during learning process

Go a week after on Saturday, 5th August we kept teaching, we checked their homework that last week over, and they did their homework well. The children were enthusiastic during the English learning process. We also discuss about their art performance that they will show 2 weeks later. The grantees who participated were Rizka Amelia, Samrenta, and May Nelsa from University of North Sumatera.

Hopefully others alumni and grantees of VDMS RR Medan can participate in our teaching program so that the children can get other topic and the learning process will feels more alive. This “Teaching to Inspiring” program was created by all of us, so lets come join in next meeting.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 66| VIII | 2017

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