Reported by Helen Tri Ariesta, grantee from State University of Padang (Padang)


The haze from Riau and Jambi Provinces affected several regions in West Sumatra including Padang. In response to the disaster, RR Padang voluntarily distributed masks for pedestrians and motorcycle rider. This activity was held on September 15th, 2019 at the intersection of Masjid Raya West Sumatra. 200 masks were distributed to prevent Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) due to air pollution.


On this occasion, there was also Alumni Sharing with Ryani Raffiyadita, an Alumna from Padang State University. She shared her perspective about the world after graduating from university, the difficulty and challenges of finding a job. Ryani currently chooses to continue her study to the master level at the Pertahanan University after her attempts to find a job were failed. Also, Ryani shared some information about Pertahanan University and to apply to the university.

“Berbagi Masker” with motorcycle Rider in Intersection Mesjid Raya Sumbar

One of Grantee share “Masker” to pedestrian

Sharing with Ryani (alumna UNP)

Participants of “Berbagi Masker” RR Padang


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