Reported by Putri Yuliana Mahardika (Grantee from Padang State University)


Following the open application of the VDMI scholarship on February 10th, 2020, VDMI grantees from Padang State University (UNP) together with the university officers conducted the socialization event with the theme: How to Get the VDMI Scholarship. The event was held on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 at the Multipurpose Building of Technic Department. There were 400 participants attended this event. Elsa Nur Afifah, one of the VDMI alumni from UNP became the keynote speaker in this event.

The event officially opened by the Vice Rector III of UNP, Prof. Dr. Ardipal, M.Pd. He suggested all of the participants prepare the required documents needed for the VDMI scholarship. He also explained the benefits of this scholarship, which is not only in a form of financial support but also capacity building programs that could improve students’ capacities. “Besides the monthly allowance, VDMI scholarship also provides beneficial programs such as Writing Club, Citizenship Workshop, etc. Those programs make this scholarship different than other scholarships,” highlighted Elsa.

Welcoming Speech from Prof. Dr. Ardipal, M.Pd as Vice Rector III UNP

Sharing Session with Elsa (alumna Padang State University)

Participants of Socialization in UNP

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