Reported by Annisa Taqwa Zazi Muslim, VDMS alumna from Hang Tuah University (UHT), Surabaya

Saturday, October 27, 2017, RR Surabaya held an activity with students of kindergarten Qurrota A’yun Surabaya. This activity is conducted in order to commemorate the Youth Pledge Day, which falls on October 28, 2017. The activity was held at 07.30 – 09.00 WIB.

The coloring contest

This activity began with an introduction between alumni and grantees RR Surabaya with Qurrota A’yun QK. This activity aims to foster a sense of love the homeland, through coloring contest with the media images of the youth, vowed theme. The students were very enthusiastic about this activity. In an orderly manner, the students colored each part of the picture. At 08.10, the race ended and the students managed to collect the results of their work. After a brief and supportive assessment, one of the students on behalf of Devi became the champion and was rewarded for his success.

The children with their coloring results

The event continued with singing national anthems namely Indonesia Raya, Garuda Pancasila and Maju Tak Gentar. Almost all students memorized the lyrics of national anthems. They were very excited to sing it. After the singing, the students are invited to know the meaning of the youth oath. Through a brief story of the history of the youth pledge and the reading of the three pledges of the youth pledge. The event ended with a photo together, a gift sharing and a souvenir.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 69| XI | 2017

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