Reported by, Casmira G. De Araujo, VDMS alumna from Nusa Cendana University (Undana), Kupang

On 5th September 2017, RR Yogyakarta started the project “Program Mengajar” in Pondok Asuh Harapan. The alumni and grantees were contribute in this project are Noval (English), Virgin (social), Dina (Biology), Randy (Mathematics), Kadek (Physic), Noy (Chemistry and Mathematics), Dirga (English) and also Ester (Biology) who recently joined. We began teach according to our own expertise, but sometimes we are teaching other subjects according to their request, especially for younger siblings who are in elementary school.

Randy was helping Meryl, Putri and Lusy, they studied about Mathematics to prepare their midterm exam.

In this month, we help them to prepare their midterm exam. They are so enthusiasm and serious for every session of learning process. Pass by exam, we made the review to know how they through the exam. Did they complete the questions? Are exam difficult? They said, “while some questions are difficult but we had struggled it”. We happy because the learning processes really help them.

We also invite another alumni and grantees to join in Pondok Asuh Harapan every Tuesday and Thursday. Keep Learn, Share, Encourage.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 68| X | 2017

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