Manado (7/9) – VDMS Alumni Regional Representative Manado held a public speaking seminar, which is included in Young Professional Communication Skill Series Part 1. This activity is aimed to share knowledge and motivate alumni and grantees in public speaking. It was held in Faculty of Economics & Business Sam Ratulangi University. The advantages from this activity are:

  • Bring knowledge and solidarity – This event has not only brought knowledge but also a chance to meet and socialize among the VDMS Family in Manado.
  • Equip the next generation – Through this event, the students are introduced to the RR and had the opportunity to take part in alumni activity in which they are going to enter after they graduated.
  • Share positive energy – While some of them are familiar with public speaking, the others are about to learn and improve it. In the practice part, the new learners are given advice and courage from the coach and also the friends who has experience and how to overcome the public speaking fear such as nervous, trembling.

Regional Representative Manado targeted forty participants, either alumni or grantees, to take part in it. However, only nineteen who came. As the Regional Representative invited the alumni in prior, they found that most of them have moved to other town. Although most of them were not able to come, communication must be kept in order to have a stronger tie among alumni and grantees of VDMS, especially in Manado and around North Sulawesi.

After learning public speaking, in this Young Professional Communication Skill Series, RR Manado plans to have a TOEFL 101 and TOEFL Try Out as the next activity in this September. Keep in touch and get the information about it.

Jessica Permatasari

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