Reported by Putri Mei Wulandari Tuati, grantee from Nusa Cendana University (Kupang)

On April 13, 2019, the Grantees of VDMI Undana Kupang visited Panti Asuhan Generasi Pengubah (orphanage) which located at the end of Desa Belo, Kota Kupang. This orphanage was established in 2014 but was just approved in 2016. The orphanage inhabited by 43 children was built by Mr. Yunus Laba, a member of the active police who nurture orphanage children only with intentions and a call of heart to serve. On Saturday to coincide with the holiday, we represent the Undana Kupang grantees to make a visit to Panti Asuhan Generasi Pengubah

During the visit, the grantees from Undana Kupang had a great time together with the children at the orphanage. We played a number of games, watched films about parental love for their children and provided opportunities for the orphans to convey their meaning and write about their dreams and hopes for a better future. There is one interesting thing about today’s activity, which is sharing about dreams and hopes. They are very enthusiastic, even within limitations, they still dare to dream and dare to hope that tomorrow is definitely better than today. What a very positive attitude! Yes, because they believe that the world belongs to those who dream.


So, stay positive and dare to dreams.

Keep learning. Keep Sharing. Keep encouraging

Children in Panti Asuhan Generasi Pengubah

Grantees from Nusa Cendana University

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