Reported by Naili Rohmah, VDMS Alumni from Stated University Semarang (UNNES)

RR Semarang has held an activity “Berbagi Semangat Baru” at Balai Kelurahan Karang Kidul (Jl. Seroja 3) Semarang and attended by 3 alumni, 11 grantees from UNNES and USOEGI.

RR Semanarang6

This activity was coordinated by Alumni VDMS RR Semarang with Satoe Atap Semarang Community, an organization engaged in education and social matters. At 10.00 WIB, the activity started with an introduction session and some games that were prepared by Tim and attended by 28 children from Satoe Atap and chaperoned by 12 tutors.

RR Semarang617

The event was held to share with children who were in the area of Semarang.  It was done in various ways such as by participating in learning activities, games or offering gift. The given donations, which consisted of stationery and other supplies such as clothes, etc. both new and used, were collected from all alumni and grantees of RR Semarang and VDMS family in Indonesia.


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