Reported by Nur Fatihah A M, alumna from Semarang State University (Semarang)


The Grantees and VDMI alumni of Regional Representative Semarang has gathered in the VDMI RR Semarang Gathering event which was held on Saturday, 11 August 2018 in LPPM room that located at the 4th floor of the Mikael Building, Soegijapranata Catholic University. This time, the gathering was attended by twenty-eight grantees and alumni of VDMI RR Semarang, which was also attended by Dios Yarona Larosa as the representative of VDMI Office of Yogyakarta. This program was started at 09.00 to 14.30 WIB.


In the first session, Naili Rohmah (alumni) and Nuri (grantee) shared their experiences in participating in the Excellent Writing Club held in Yogyakarta. Naili and Nuri motivated grantee to write because by doing writing, the grantees and alumni can develop their ideas. In addition, Dios shared the stories about RR Padang’s activities while he was still a grantee. Dios motivated the grantee and alumni of RR Semarang to ‘turn on’ the RR Semarang with simple but meaningful social activities for others.


During the second session which was also the last session, Alumni and Grantees discussed the activities of RR Semarang. The grantees shared their ideas related to the event that will be held by RR Semarang. The discussion that interspersed with some games was occurred with great excitement because grantees and alumni actively voiced their ideas. From this discussion, a number of social activity plans has been settled and it will be executed soon. One of them is donating reading books to the victims of natural disasters in Lombok. In closing session, the alumni and grantees exchanged gifts. See you at the next gathering!

Alumni and Grantees RR Semarang


Sharing Session with Naili Rohmah (Alumni Semarang State University)

Sharing Session with Fransiska Nuriati – Grantee from Semarang State University (participant of Excellent Writing Club on July 2018)

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