Reported by Elsita Rambu Kahi, grantee from Christian Artha Wacana University (Kupang)


Taman Baca Oesapa comes back with activities with children and RR of Kupang. This event was held on 15 July 2018 from 15.00 – 17.00 WIB. This month, the event was held in one of the house of the Indonesian Women Coalition members – Oma Ema. This activity was also attended by 17 children from Pre schools, elementary schools and junior high schools.


There were many activities engaged at time. Those were drawing objects such as places of worship, home, school, beach and others for junior high level, reading stories and asking questions for children in early childhood, and drawing and coloring for elementary level as well. One of the children – Anisa, second grade elementary school – drew her home and told her goal of becoming a police woman. Besides Anisa, there were Dani, Kehi and the other kids who were very happy and excited at this month’s activities at Taman Baca Oesapa.


Playing and learning activities in Taman Baca Oesapa is a movement of VDMI RR of Kupang with Women’s Center (BP) UKAW the Coalition of Indonesian Women (KPI). Taman Baca becomes a place for children to learn, read, get to know new words and ask questions.


Children activity in Taman Baca Oesapa

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