Reported by Witri Loviyanti, VDMS Grantee from Lambung Mangkurat University (UNLAM), Banjarmasin

Different from the previous program which is TOEFL Training and Sharing by RR Banjarmasin, this activity was new for alumni and grantees. We call the first meeting as introducing IELTS. It was held on 21st May 2017 at Open Space UNLAM, Banjarmasin. The participants were Ahmad Hasyim (Grantee), Witri Loviyanti (Grantee), Rizky Amelia (Alumni), Hidayati Rahimah (General participant from BEM UNLAM), and Ririn (General participant/ UNLAM alumni).

Ready to do listening section of IELTS

Ready to do listening section of IELTS

This session is new session of training, but still focusing in developing participants’ ability in language standardized test. Most of the participants of this activity were only familiar with TOEFL. In fact, both of TOEFL and IELTS are important though. Because of time limitation, this activity took only the listening part of the test. After having the listening test, the participants shared their ideas about IELTS. Some participants who had been familiar with TOEFL felt that IELTS is quite different from TOEFL. In TOEFL, they only have to choose the answer a, b, c, or d; but in IELTS, the answer of listening section should be in form of words. The English that is used in IELTS also are also confusing to some participants. If they usually hear American English in TOEFL, they find that British English in IELTS was a little bit confusing. There were some differences like accent, diction, and pronunciation.

Rizky as the facilitator of this training activity asked the participants to bring their laptop. She prepared speakers and IELTS material in the form of PDF, so the participants could open it in their laptop. After the listening section, the participants swapped their work and discussed the answers of the test item one by one. There were 40 items to be answered. The activity held successfully. It was very valuable that all the participants learn something new together. Hopefully, the other alumni and grantees can join us on the next activities.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 64| VI | 2017

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