Reported by Casmira De Araujo, VDMS Alumna from Nusa Cendana University (UNDANA), Kupang
It’s been a year that alumni and grantees of VDMS RR Yogyakarta hold a teaching program or “Program Mengajar” in Pondok Asuh Harapan since May 2016. Even though sometimes there is a vacuum of teaching, but RR Yogyakarta keeps trying to achieve our target, that is, all students can improve their learning outcome compared to the previous year. For this target, we can know after they receive their school report.

In May and early this June, we teach them for the preparation of the exam. Those who took part in the “Program Mengajar” in May and June were, Noval, Rezky, Desla, and Noy. We hope they can do the exam well. Good luck.

Tina is so serious practice for her exam.

Tina is so serious practice for her exam.

We will stop teaching in the middle of June until July because it’s a long holiday after the exam. We will prepare for evaluation “Program Mengajar” and discussion for the other meaningful activities. Learn, Share and Encourage.

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 64| VI | 2017

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