Reported by Annisa Taqwa Zazi, alumni from Hang Tuah University (Surabaya)


HIV/AIDS is still an issue in Indonesia. By definition, HIV is a virus that attacks a person’s immunity, the main cause of AIDS. The virus can infect anyone who is involved in unsafe sexual activities with HIV infected person. Among the victims are housewives, who acquired the virus from their husband. Their lack of knowledge on HIV has caused their children to be the victim too.


In December 20, 2018, VDMI East Java and an Anti Drugs Foundation held an event to support HIV positive mothers and children. The activity is meant to inform and empower them. Most of the participants were from the underprivileged households. Some had been divorced and were forced to be a single parent.


The activity started at 08.00 to 12.00 GMT+7. It began with an introduction and a set of ice breaking activities. It then proceeded to a workshop on HIV/AIDS information and government’s role to help HIV positive persons. The participants were enthusiast and proactive during the activities, especially during the games. The event ended with sharing hopes and prayers in a session entitled “Suara Hati Ibu-Anak HIV Positive”. The participants said that they expect support from the government and their family.


Full support to HIV positive is necessary, especially to those who happen to be a divorcee. These people need to support their family and take care of the children. Their kids are also victim. They have to consume ARV medicines every day and bear the pain as their immune system drops. However, they still interact with the surroundings.


Let us listen to them. Stop stigmatizing and discriminating. Learn, Share, Encourage.


The Children have fun with the activity

The hope of Mother with HIV Positive

A2A Vol 84 | I | 2019

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