Reported by Monaria Sihotang, grantee from Andalas University (Padang)


“When God blessed you financially, don’t raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving “- Mark Batterson. This sentence suitably enough with the activities carried out by RR Padang. The feeling of empathy and sympathy in grantees and alumni of RR Padang made them to held “Berbagi Kasih” activity by providing food to people in need.


Grantees and alumni set aside a little of their money to donate in the form of food to be distributed. The activity took place on February 2, 2019 in the Pasar Raya Padang Area. Donations collected amounted to Rp 135,000 and was used to buy 14 packs of meals. Then, the donation is shared to the elderly people who still work in the Pasar Raya Padang area (such as sellers of drinks and snacks), toy sellers and shoe soles) and children who work as scavengers.


For 1 hour, several grantees from RR Padang looked for people who would receive the rice meal. People who receive are very grateful because there is still another people who are care to another one, to them. RR Padang hopes that when we receive blessings in finance, it would be better if we also share with others even it is just for a little.

RR Padang proving food to people in need

A2A Vol 85 | II | 2019

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