Reported by Awwaliyah Nur Fadhilah, grantee Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (Surabaya)


Sunday, June 11 2023, the East Java Regional Representative (RR) held a social service at Graha Yatim Dhuafa Ketintang Selatan, Surabaya. This social service is a collaboration of grantees and alumni from four universities in the Surabaya region (Airlangga University, Hang Tuah University, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology and Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya). The activity began with collecting donations from 3 – 9 June 2023 and a total of IDR 1,995,000 was collected. The results of the donations were distributed into groceries, snacks, stationery and gifts for the children at Graha Yatim Dhuafa, Ketintang Selatan. The activity was attended by 21 (grantees and alumni) and 21 children from orphanages.

RR Jatim – Bali shares joy with orphanage children with games and prizes

The activity began with the opening, reading a prayer by Zidan (representative of the orphanage) and singing the national anthem “Indonesia Raya”. The session continued with remarks by Linggar Tyas Elmayda as Chair of the Event and an impression from Abah Asep as a representative of the Foundation. The activities were even more exciting with ice breaking and sessions about professions. Orphanage children have the opportunity to write their dream profession on a board “PROFESIKU”. The hope is to be an inspiration for children in fighting for their dreams. This was followed by giving gifts of games and gifts to children and representatives of the foundation.

RR Jatim – Bali shares joy with orphanage children with games and prizes

The theme of the activity is “Memberi Harapan, Menyulam Senyuman”, RR Jatim hopes that this activity can spread happiness, especially for orphanage children. Abah Asep advised that this friendship should continue and be shared. Hopefully this activity can be sustainable and become a new spirit for RR Jatim in continuing the relay of goodness. Learn – Share – Encourage


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