Reported by Jenia Inensia Goa, grantee from Nusa Cendana University (Kupang)


On Sunday, 28 July 2019, as usual, the Kupang RR Grantees visited Taman Baca Oesapa. This time, there were four Grantees from Artha Wacana Christian University and Nusa Cendana University. The activity started from 13.00 WITA until 15.00 WITA.


Before the activities getting started, the children were very eager to become prayer leaders. Then, the activities have started by learning to read and count for the children around Taman Baca. There are many reading books available and for children who cannot read yet, and the books will be read by grantees. Many children who cannot read yet have high intentions to visit the Taman Baca Oesapa.

During the activities, there was one of the children who expressed his hope to be given intelligence in learning despite in the simplicity of the situation around Taman Baca. Hearing this hope, the Kupang RR Grantees are getting excited to develop Taman Baca and they will not discourage, even though there are now only a dozen children who come to visit the place.


Keep the spirit for RR Kupang!

Children in Taman Baca Oesapa drawing number

Children in Taman Baca Oesapa do some activities, such as reading book and writing

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