Reported by Dea Ayu Rafika, grantee from State University of Semarang (Semarang)


Sunday, July 21, 2019, The RR (Regional Representative) of Semarang has successfully held “Gang Edukasi” activity on the outskirt of the Kota Lama, Semarang. We carried out this activity as a form of concern for suburban children who live in the slums of the region. What become our wish is at least they get additional education about “Pendidikan Karakter” for their cognitive development. Guided by Dea Ayu Rafika and Yuniar (UNNES), all of our guidance children include Abi (11 years), Agung (10), Bagus (8), Nino (10), Wahyu (9), Wulan (9), Dinda (9), Fitri (9), April (7), and Najwa (4) seemed very enthusiastic to take part in the activity until it was finished.


Our “Gang Edukasi” started right at 09.00 by singing children’s songs simultaneously. It’s not enough just that, we continued this activity to have race in answering the questions in the “Tebak-Tebakan Edukasi” session. Throughout the session, our guidance children seemed to be not satisfied with what was given. Therefore, to re-adopt the children’s play culture in the environment, we also invited the children to play some traditional games, which increasingly make them stay longer to play. Seeing that there was a sense of exhaustion in the children, this “Gang Edukasi” was then continued by eating together and hearing responses from each child.


However, the time is ticking so fast, and it’s already 12.00, means that we must end the activity immediately. Then, we invited them to pray and take pictures together and said goodbye. We seemed unable to say the words while staying with them. In the future, we will continue to maintain this activity because we see there are hopes in those children for us to continue this activity. In addition, it is a wish from the bottom of our hearts that this “Gang Edukasi” will develop to get to other suburbs.

RR Semarang in Gang Edukasi

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