Reported by Saprianus D. Wole, alumnus Nusa Cendana University


Sunday – 15 October 2023, Regional Representative (RR) Kupang carried out activities to develop interests and talents for children at Taman Baca Oesapa. This activity aims to provide a variety of activities and see what talents the children have. It is held around the beach and mangrove trees so that parents of children can come and watch. Starting with prayer, then divided into several activities.

Girls are practicing dancing with one of the alumni

Children at Oesapa Reading Park are interested in coloring, dancing and playing football. For this reason, alumni and grantees RR Kupang provide development in the form of coloring. Children are given sketches with themes of planes, animals, villages and beach scenes. Children are enthusiastic about coloring by choosing colors. After that, they were divided into two groups (girls and boys). The girls practice dance accompanied by alumni and grantees, while the boys practice soccer. In the end, children’s coloring work is shared and can be shown to parents. This activity gets a positive impression from parents so that children’s talents and interests can be developed.

Boys are practicing soccer

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