Reported by Agusta Rambu Jajila, grantee from Artha Wacana Christian University (Kupang)

RR Kupang in cooperation with the Indonesian Women’s Coalition established ‘Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa’ on June 3, 2018 in one of the houses of the coastal residents of Oesapa Beach. This activity aimed to foster the interest in reading for children and adolescents that living in the Oesapa Coast.

To carry out the launcing of ‘Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa’, RR Kupang and Indonesian Women’s Coalition conducted donation of reading books, encyclopedia, drawing book, stationery and others. 50 children were present accompanied by 5 alumni and grantees RR Kupang at this event.

Besides reading, children were also invited to draw and sing together. The Launching activities closed with a photo taken together at Oesapa Beach where Mangrove was planted and ended with a pray. The children were very happy with this activity. RR Kupang hopes that there will be more donations for this Taman Baca.

Participants of Launching Taman Baca Oesapa, Kupang

Alumni and Grantees from RR Kupang read book with Children

The children happy with this activity

A2A E – Newsletter Vol. 76| VI | 2018

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