Reported by Agusta Rambu Jajila (alumna from Artha Wacana Christian Univeristy, Kupang)


Sunday, July 4th, 2021, RR Kupang held a virtual gathering with its alumni and grantees at 17:00 WITA. Via the Zoom meeting, all participants got to know each other and elected their new leader. Alumni and grantees from Nusa Cendana University, Artha Wacana Christian University, Widya Mandira Catholic University, and the VDMI office team attended the meeting.

Speech from Nofriadi Daniel (Chairman of RR Kupang)

Led by Dios, Communication and Alumni Relation Officer, each participant introduces themselves and shared their updates, especially during this hard time. Besides, they encourage each other to be resilient amid the pandemic. Furthermore, the coordinators of Taman Baca Mangrove Oesapa also reported the update of their activities.

Participants of Virtual Gathering RR Kupang

Previously, RR Kupang was led by Casmira Godliviena De Aroujo (Noy) and then continued by Sherlinia Rambu Anawoli (Sherly). After collecting the pollings, the new coordinators of RR Kupang were chosen based on the number of polling they received. The elected new leaders of RR Kupang are Novriadi Umbu Daniel (chairperson), Agusta Rambu Jajila (secretary), Yuni ati Djara Djami (treasury). Hopefully, after the reorganization, RR Kupang gains the new spirit to be more active and keep up the good work.

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