Reported by Nopri Sinaga (alumna from Medan State University)


Sunday, July 11th, 2021, RR Medan virtually gathered with its alumni and grantees. Started from 16:00 WIB, the event attended by 52 participants consisted of alumni, grantees, and the Person in Charge (PIC) from Medan State University. During the meeting, new grantees were introduced and new leaders were elected.

Nopri as Chairman RR Medan

The new leaders of RR Medan are Nopri Sinaga (chairperson), Matta Simamora (Secretary), Bobby Manullang (Treasury). Besides, leaders for each university in the region were elected. Danang Aryo Kusumo lead grantees and alumni from Sumatera Utara University and Jelita Manullang lead grantees and alumni from Medan State University. It is expected that with the new leaders, RR Medan can be more active in creating social programs.

Bu Sara (PIC UNIMED) gives congratulation and motivation for RR Medan

Participants of Virtual Gathering RR Medan

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