Reported by Lidya Fitri Ramadhani, grantee from Hasanuddin University 

Sunday, July 26th, 2020, RR Makassar distributed the donation to the flood victims in Kappuna, Masamba, South Sulawesi. The donation came from the RR Makassar members and it was distributed in a form of daily needs such as food and hygiene products. The Kappuna village became one of the villages affected by the flood that occurred on July 13th, 2020. According to the website of the National Disaster Management Center (13/08/2020), Thousands houses washed away by the mud. Some victims were found dead while others have not been found yet. Now, the survivors live in shelters for safety reasons. RR Makassar invites VDMI Family to pray for those affected by the flood. Hopefully, they can be strong to go through a difficult situation.

RR Makassar distribute the donation for the flood victim

Situation Kappuna village after flood. Doc: RR Makassar

Situation Kappuna village after flood. Doc: RR Makassar

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